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What to Do With Old Sports Jerseys

I’ve collected multiple jerseys over the years. They can take up too much room and never get worn, so what’s the best way of handling an old sports jersey? You would think of it as waste if you throw it away, right?

What to do with old sports jerseys is not just turning it into a pillow or something like that.

There are multiple ways you can go about this, and they will allow for years of enjoyment no matter what your design preferences may be in the future.

Interested in turning your old sports jersey into something new? We’ve got some creative ideas for you. Check out this post and find out how.

What to Do With Old Sports Jerseys

10 Interesting Ways of Turning Your Sports Jerseys into Something New

1.    Frame Your Old Jersey

It’s not uncommon for people to have old sports jerseys that are significant in their life.

Maybe they wore it while playing college ball or because of the team that meant something special, but most importantly maybe you don’t want to lose any part of your past?

Well, you can frame your old sports jersey, so that it can be seen with ease by everybody. This will communicate the love you had for that jersey.

2.    Make a Bag

More than just a whole lot of fun, creating your bag from an old sports jersey is quite practical.

Not only do you get the satisfaction that comes with using something specifically for longer and having it be useful, but if desired this could even act like a portfolio piece where other people see what great work has been done.

How to Create a Bag from a Sports Jersey

  • Remove the arms of the sports jersey
  • Sew the neck hole to the remaining holes in the arm
  • Sew two or one handle at the bottom of the sports jersey
  • Check if your bag is ready for use and if you’ve sewed it securely

3.    Donate It

Donating clothing you no longer need can be hugely rewarding.

Not only do people in need get the privilege and joy of receiving an item they desire, but it also allows them a chance at owning something special.

A sports jersey that may otherwise never had been available to them.

4.    Sell It

Selling your old soccer jersey is a great way to make some extra cash, and if you’re not sure what to do with it then maybe selling on eBay or at an online marketplace like Craigslist could be perfect.

It’s also worth looking into local flea markets where people buy clothes from secondhand stores as these tend to have interesting merchandise in them.

5.    Recycle Your Sports Jersey

Moving on to more creative options again, I just want to suggest one more that involves no longer owning your old sports jersey in any way.

I know it sounds bizarre but sometimes you just can’t deal with something anymore and don’t need it around your house or possession- so if this is true for you then recycle your old sports jersey.

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6.    Turn It to a Pillow

Keep your old sports jersey close to you even when sleeping. This is a great way for fans of all teams, no matter what the sport.

Just be careful about making it into an actual pillow because if there are smells from previous games or events then that might not go well with someone else’s bedtime routine and they’ll most likely want their clean pillow.

7.    Make a Dog Toy with Your Old Sports Jersey

The perfect way to get your dog acquainted with a new sports jersey is by letting them enjoy themselves and play with an old toy made of one.

This option isn’t for those of us who care too much about our favorite team’s memorabilia, but it could be just what you’re looking for if durability isn’t something that concerns yourself or the pup in question.

8.    Make Place Mats

You could use old sports jerseys to make placemats for your table at home. If you have a selection of different shirts or dresses, it will add interest and color while eating with friends and family members.

But be careful if there are kids in attendance – they may end up fighting over which one goes on their side of the table.

9.    Build a Kid’s Stuffed Toy

There are plenty of ways to get your kids into sports and this is one way that will be sure they never forget about it.

If you want them to think more deeply about the importance or relevance, then give them a stuffed toy made out of an old jersey from their favorite team.

10.  Make a Scarf

People have been wearing scarves at sporting events since before I was born, and they’re still a thing.

For decades people bring their team’s scarf colors to sporting events so that when you see someone with an awesomely vibrant colored scarf it doesn’t take much effort on your part to figure out whose side he is riding for.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Reusing your Sports Jersey

What Can You Do With Old Football Jerseys?

The best way to help old football shirts re-live their glory days is by bank lining them. There are plenty of textile banks where you can take your unwanted shirt, and they will be able to get a new life as part of someone else’s collection. If that doesn’t work for you or if there aren’t any options near, then pass it on – either within the community or outside it altogether.

How Do You Store Old Jerseys?

Hanging a jersey is the most obvious way to store them, but you need to take care that your storage medium controls heat and humidity. Rolling will allow easier compactness in between uses while still being able to protect your investment if there were any damages caused by weather or wear-and-tear on its surface. You can also hung or lay them flat.

How Do I Keep My Jersey?

To ensure that your jersey doesn’t get shrunk or stained, always hang them dry. You can put it in the low heat setting but make sure you don’t add any moisture. If there are stains on top of each other they will be permanent after going through a washing machine too many times.

How are you going to repurpose your old sports jersey?  It may not be easy to decide what to do with all your old sports jerseys, but there are plenty of options.

You could make a stuffed toy for someone you know or donate it and give back to the community that has supported you throughout the years. Just remember if you choose to sell it, make sure they’re in good condition so people will want them.

With all of these options for what to do with an old sports jersey, there’s no excuse not to get rid of it. Hopefully, this post has guided you on what to do with old sports jerseys.

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