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What to Do With Empty Paint Cans

Have you ever finished painting and had leftover paint cans? What do you do with them? If you have a lot of half-empty paint cans, don’t just throw them out. There are plenty of clever ways to recycle and reuse your empty paint cans.

This blog post will cover a few cool things to do with those old paint cans that you might not have thought about before.

10 Cool Things What to Do With Empty Paint Cans

Empty paint cans

1.   Punched-Can Lanterns

These DIY outdoor lanterns are the perfect way to illuminate your patio. You can turn old paint cans into crafty, glowing lamps by punching patterns with a nail and then painting them different colors – like contrasting hues for an extra wow factor.

Once you’ve finished decorating yours, place candles or small tea lights inside so that it will be lit at night too while still looking elegant on its outside.

Paint cans

2.   Hanging Planters

If you want to grow some flowers, use an empty paint can as your planter. Just hang up the handles and screw-on hooks. They are perfect for any balcony that needs extra room in their backyard garden scene because these hanging paint cans don’t take up much space at all.

They’re wide enough to only take small plants like pansies which mean more beauty without too many weeds taking over since this type of plant likes light shade conditions better than full sun exposure.

3.   Coat Hooks

Clean, well-maintained empty paint cans provide a great way to store items in your home.

They should be with either an unpainted finish for that modern industrial look, or you can go the designer route by covering them up and painting it whatever color scheme suits you best.

You could even put something on top like dog leash hooks or have scarves drape down from these handles. They’re versatile enough to handle anything we throw at them.

Empty paint can

4.   Make a Bird Feeder

Making a bird feeder from an empty paint can is fun and creatively rewarding.

You could use white-painted washers for eyes and attach wings made of metal clothes hangers attached with netting to create the perfect insectivore delight.

5.   Make a Jewelry Tin

The next time you are looking for a unique gift, consider decorating empty paint cans with silk flowers and pearls. This will create an eye-catching display and provide useful storage in your home.

You can place these around the bedroom or give them out as shower gifts to newlyweds who love making their products.

6.   Lid Mirrors

You can make your room pop with the latest trends and styles with a little creativity.

You could get creative by painting lids onto old paint cans as mirrors for all to see in their favorite spots around the house or even outside on special occasions like weddings.

A designer might also help refine some designs at an affordable price, so they fit seamlessly into whatever home decorating style that suits you.

Paint can

7.   Make a Trash Can

When you’re looking for an affordable, functional way to display your trash cans in style – consider empty paint cans.

Paint cans are great because not only do they keep things dry and clean, but their rough exterior makes them the perfect complement when it comes time for stain or fabric protection.

Just wrap your pretty fabric around the can so that it’s held securely in place, then tie off any excess rope before placing it out with regular garbage.

8.   Mail Sorters

When you get the chance to clean out your paint cans, use them for more than just decoration. Instead of throwing away that old mail or storing it haphazardly in a closet somewhere – why not make some space on our shelves?

Just line up all those empty cans together and label each one with what’s inside. It’ll be easy when we need something specific.

Paint can

9.   Spray Can Art

It’s time to get creative. Use your old paint cans as art by crafting unique sculptures from the lids and adding little painted wood dowels for stems.

Then, place them in a transparent glass vase so they’re easy to see when you need some color inspiration or want something special at home alone.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Empty Paint Cans Reuse

Why Are Empty Paint Cans Harmful?

The environmental impact of paint cans is unparalleled. When you consider that carbon elements are present in a can’s content, it becomes clear how this contributes to climate change and its attendant problems like global warming or desertification.

What Can I Do With Empty Metal Paint Cans?

Metal paint cans are accepted in most local recycling programs, provided you remove the lid and recycle it separately.

If there is a leftover metal-containing liquid or dried-on residue that has hardened into a solid form, then simply scrape off as much of this unwanted matter and dispose of it.

How Do You Dispose of Empty Paint Cans?

Empty paint tins can be disposed of in either the normal garbage or recycling bin, depending on your council’s preferences.

If there is some old, dried-up paint left inside the can, then pour it out onto an absorbent material and wait for a while before throwing it away.

If you have a lot of empty paint cans lying around your house, don’t toss them in the trash. There are so many ways to reuse these metal containers.

We’ve shared some ideas on what to do with empty paint cans above. Pick one or two and get started on transforming your junk into something new today.

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