Clicky How Does Taking Shorter Showers Help The Environment?
How Does Taking Shorter Showers Help The Environment

How Does Taking Shorter Showers Help The Environment?

How Does Taking Shorter Showers Help The Environment? Nothing feels good than taking a long hot shower after a busy day. But have you ever asked yourself how much water you use when taking a shower? The amount of water you use depends on the time you spend when showering. Taking long showers requires excessive water consumption and can negatively affect the environment. Many scientists advise people to take short showers. This makes everyone ask, how does taking shorter showers helps the environment?

A shorter shower saves a lot of water and the energy needed to heat the water. Typically, a 10-minute shower can use about 9 gallons of water. But if you reduce your shower time by 2-3 minutes, a lot of water could be saved. 

So, How Does Taking Shorter Showers Help The Environment?

1) Short showers save water

How Does Taking Shorter Showers Help The Environment

Long showers can reduce water in the rivers and lakes, creating dead zones for animals and plants. For instance, you can use about 20 gallons if your showerhead has a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. Assuming seven members of your family take a shower each day, that’s amounts to approximately 140 gallons. All the water we use to shower comes from the rivers and lakes. Thus, the best way to protect the environment is to reduce water consumption, and the easiest way to achieve this is by taking shorter showers. 

Also, you can use less water by installing a WaterSense labeled showerhead. With this water-saving showerhead, you can reduce the number of gallons used per minute. When you use less water, the water bodies and waterways will greatly benefit and all living creatures will have a healthy life. 

2)  Shorter showers save energy

A hot shower requires energy to heat the water. And the energy consumed will depend on the amount of water used. In this case, it is good to reduce water consumption, and there will be a less negative impact on the environment. The environmental issues that are related to energy production include:

  • Climate change
  • Air pollution
  • Thermal pollution
  • Water pollution

The best way to prevent these environmental problems is by taking shorter showers. Shorter showers consume less energy. Thus, fewer pollutants in the environment.

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Here Are 4 Tips to Take Shorter Showers and Save Water

1)  Play your favorite song

Your mood can play a role in the time you’ll spend when taking a shower. Do you know that a few upbeat tunes can enhance your mood? That’s why it is good to have a list of two or three songs playing on your phone while you take a shower. Make sure you set a list of songs that do not go for more than five minutes. This is the average time for a shower. When the songs stop, it will be time to switch off the shower.

2)  Have a timer in the bathroom

A timer will allow you to have shorter showers. You can use a stopwatch to challenge yourself. See whether you can beat your previous time by showering faster and efficiently.

3)  Turn off the water when not in use

Showering with warm water feels good, and no one would want to turn off the water. But this can create a negative impact to the environment. Because of this, it is advisable to turn off the water when applying shampoo, body soap, or when shaving. With this, you’ll save water and energy.

4) Stick to a routine

You are likely to shower faster when you perform things in the same order all the time. If you stick to a routine, you’ll not waste your time trying to figure out where to start and how to clean a specific area in your body. For instance, you might be wondering about the products to start with while cleaning your hair. But when you follow your routine, you will know whether to begin with a shampoo or a conditioner. 

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FAQs on How Taking Shorter Showers Help the Environment

1) How does saving water help the environment?

Reducing your water usage can save water from the rivers and bays, making the environment to remain healthy. Also, you can reduce the cost of water treatment and energy used to heat and pump water. This also lowers the energy demand, thus preventing air pollution.

Besides, saving water reduces drought and water shortage issues. Even though the water you use will get back to the earth through the water cycle, it cannot return in the same quantity. That’s why it is advisable to use water-saving techniques such as taking shorter showers, installing a water-saving showerhead, and having a low flush toilet.

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