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Our Review Process is a website dedicated to those who want to learn about environmental sustainability. We don’t just focus global warming as a phenomenon that’s breaking the balance of our ecosystem. We also strive to show you the ins and outs of building a more sustainable future for the people you care about and the rest of the world. 

Our content team is one of the most diverse yet. We send time exploring nature, talking to knowledgeable people, testing products, and researching more ways to fix the broken environment and build a more sustainable future. 

Editorial Guidelines 

We have an in-house staff and a freelance team that ensure ever article on our site meets the publication standards that we’ve put in place. We spend hours, sometimes even days, on testing research, fact-checking, and anti-bias review to ensure we stick to our content integrity. Doing so allows us to stick to our core value while working towards achieving our vision for

The writers and editors who work on are experts in the topics the topic they cover. We make sure that the freelancers we hire have knowledge and experience from the real and professional world, not to mention understand their topic to a great degree. 

If expertise is anything to go by, writers and editors at have advanced degrees in their fields, they’ve gone wholly plant-based, they’ve lived the zero waste life, and they passionate about making the planet a better place for the current and the future generation.  

 Sources and Citation 

The foundation of our writing at is pure scientific research with zero trace of political spin. To solidify on this core value, we make sure we cite our sources where it’s necessary to do so. 

As a blog that focuses on sustainability, we understand that information that exists on environmental preservation and protection varies from source to source. Our editorial process therefore requires us to put more emphasis on evaluating every source carefully so that the information we publish on is current, reliable, and trustworthy. 

As an environmental blog, we understand how significant timeliness is. That is why we rely on reliable primary sources such as academic institutions and expert interviews so we can back up claims and data by reputable sources. 

We believe that sources are important in our writing at In part because it ensures credibility of the information that we provide. Also, it helps provide our readers with additional sources of information that they can trust. 

Verifying Facts 

Writers and editors at go the extra mile to check every article written for accuracy, relevant, and timeliness. Since we want to make sure that the information we provide on this website is as factual as possible, our writers and editors work together to check all the facts before hitting the publish button. 

We don’t stop there.

We want to uphold a higher level of integrity at, which is why every team member works hard around the clock to give the first priority to our readers. While the work may seem tiresome and repetitive, and it is to some extent, we’re always proud of the outcome, especially knowing that we put in the hard work to produce content that our readers can use to make the world a better place. 

Product Review Process 

From time to time, we will recommend products that are of great value to our audience. We put more emphasis on green living and we will therefore only recommend products that meet our guidelines on educating our audience about sustainability and making the world a better place.  

We do in-depth research, conduct real-time testing, and then recommend products based purely on user experience, not unbiased reviews on the web. Where we can’t test products, our team of writers and editors will collaborate with third parties to put together useful and reliable information on the same. 

Published Content 

We want you to know more about the author of the post you’re reading. That is why we include an author bio, which lets you learn more about the writer in question albeit in brief. In some cases, more than one writer contributes to writing a piece of content. In such an instant, we’ll let you know all the people that contributed to the piece.

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