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How We Make Money is an environment blog with a readership that continues to grow month after month. Through our content on green living and environmental sustainability, hundreds of readers have not only learned about the most useful environmental hacks but also understood the value of building a more sustainable future for everyone. 

Our core value at is to ensure we publish the very best content on environmental sustainability so that we can reach out to millions with educative materials on the meaning and value of protecting the existing ecosystem as well as improving it. 

But How Does This Blog Make Money? 

Readers of don’t often ask us this question, but we think it is an important one to address. We’re a reader-supported platform and we believe that it’s important to be as transparent with you as possible, even when it comes to how we make money as a blog.

Even ads and affiliate networks require us to be upfront with the means through which we make money. Again, the Federal Trade Commission requires us to declare our source of income. For us, telling you how we make money is a way for us to uphold trustworthiness and ensure transparency on the web. 

Like many blogs in the sustainability niche, it wouldn’t be possible for us to make money online if we didn’t have readers coming to our blog. And without money ploughed back from our effort to grow this the platform, it would be impossible for to exist. With that said, here’s the breakdown on how we make money at 

1. Sponsored Content

Sponsored content falls in the category of articles written specifically for the purpose of giving another brand an exposure. The goal of such content is to inform our readers about the existence of the brands that reach out to us for promotion owing to our growing monthly readership. 

Brands will pitch us their content idea with respect to our audience. They will ask us for a quote to publish their piece of content on our website. Once we approve their request, they will send us the article, which we will publish and explicitly mark as sponsored post. 

Once the post goes live on, the brand, which legally own the content we’ve pushed to the site, pays us certain amount of money based on the agreement we’ve had. 

2. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a process where we recommend products that we’ve either tested or researched. The goal is to help our readers find the right products that are “green” in kind (or environmental friendly), and then recommend them in our blog posts where necessary. 

Here’s how it works: 

When you click the product links that appear in some of our blog posts, you’ll be directed to an external site where you can buy that product. When you buy the product, we at get to keep a small percentage of the sale. How much commission we earn is subject to the terms and conditions of service of the affiliate network we refer you to. 

Note that the price of the product doesn’t change for you. It will still be the same even if you choose not to buy the product through our affiliate links. 

3. Display Advertising 

When you visit sites in just about any niche, you will notice they have content that seem to originate from a third party source. These are display adverts specifically customized based on your web search history and can greatly help you to make the right purchase decisions online. 

We place display ads on some sections of this website. The ads on generate revenue for the site, making display advertising one of the ways the site makes money. 

Final Words 

Our environmental blog continues to grow into a useful platform for our readers to find the information they need to commit to sustainability. We do encourage you to join us in the journey of fighting for environmental preservation so we can improve the overall health of our planet.

The content and editorial team at will continue to work around the clock to ensure our visitors get access to accurate information. 

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