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How to Dispose of Old Nail Polish

You might be thinking about throwing out your old nail polish colors, or the bottles are nearly empty, but you should know that these items can contain harmful chemicals.

Make sure to dispose of them properly in a way that is both environmentally friendly and safe so they don’t end up in a landfill where it will take years for those toxins to leach into soil and water sources.

This post will guide you through some of the excellent ways of how to dispose of old nail polish without too much hassle.

How to Dispose of Old Nail Polish

Five Top Ways of Disposing Old Nail Polish

1.    If Still Usable, Donate

Do you have some old nail polish that is no longer being used and is still inside? If so, find a donation center in your area and call them up. Many people would love to use these unwanted polishes for themselves or give them as gifts.

Also, see if any of your friends could take your old nail polish too.

You can also try checking out local thrift stores like Good Will, which may accept donations too – just ask an employee what exactly they do with items brought into the store before making this decision on where best to donate your old nail polish.

2.    Use Them to Keep Your Shoelaces or Threads from Unravelling

The easiest way to keep your shoelaces from unraveling? Paint them using your old nail polish. Simply apply a thin coat and reapply if you need more.

You can also use clear nail polish on the end of the sewing thread, making it easier for both ends of the string to be visible when put through their respective needle holes so that no mistakes will occur during construction time.

3.    Use It on Scratched Items at Your Home

The next time you have leftover nail polish, use it to color-code your keys or any other small items that are difficult for people to find with ease, especially if they are placed in a dark space.

You can also easily differentiate between similar-colored objects by filling scratches on shoes before adding them back into the collection.

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4.    Mix Your Old Nail Polish with Others

Why not experiment with your unwanted nail polish colors? Measure out exactly how much you need for each color and mix them on a palette. This will save money compared to buying a new total contained within the bottle.

You can also layer different shades in one vial to create an exciting marble effect.

 You just need to be sure it’s light enough so that no part feels heavy against another shade, or else they might look greyer than anything else instead of stained glass-like intended.

5.    Empty the Polish to a Newspaper and Get Rid of the Bottle

One way to get rid of your old nail polish is by discarding it safely and appropriately. Immediately after applying the last coat, remove the remainder and place it in a newspaper.

The bottles should be upside down for at least 24 hours before screwing the cap back onto tightly and placing it in a recycling container.

This process may seem inconvenient, but it’s better than risking unpleasant smells coming from oozing containers, so make sure you’re prepared before disposing of any hazardous wastes like empty bottles of nail polish.

Check if there’s somewhere nearby where they’ll accept them.

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Tips to Recycling Old Nail Polish

1.    Look for a Hazard Waste Disposal Centre

Most cities have a hazardous waste disposal center where you can take old nail polish to get it properly disposed of.

You may want to call around or look online for these centers and then find out if they will accept your used polish before contacting them.

The toxic chemicals in there won’t be leaking into groundwater supplies nearby which could cause serious illness.

2.    Get Them to a Recycling Centre

If you have any old nail polish or other hazardous wastes that need to be disposed of, don’t forget about the recycling center. Call up and ask what their hours are before making plans for disposal.

They’ll give instructions on getting there safely, so make sure not only do they know where it’s located by road but also which road leads into one entry.

3.    Only Get Environmentally Friendly Polish

You can save yourself from finding a recycling plant or waste disposal destination by using non-toxic nail polish.

Not only are these brands better for you, but they also don’t contain any harsh chemicals or toxins.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Disposing Nail Polish

Does Nail Polish Go In the Garbage?

Why take the initiative when someone else does it for you? This item is household hazardous waste (HHW). Peel Community Recycling Centers will safely dispose off this unwanted and dangerous product.

Can You Pour Old Nail Polish Down the Drain?

Nail salon owners should be careful about pouring down the sink, drain, or flush. The chemicals can cause problems for them too. A great way to avoid these issues is by pouring all nail product away from your home, then throwing any flammable material into appropriate bins so that it does not end up in trash cans around town.

How Long Is Nail Polish Good For?

The FDA does not regulate the shelf life of nail polish, but we’ve found that it typically lasts 18-24 months when stored in a cool dark place. If you haven’t noticed any changes after 24 months on your nails, then there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be good for at least another year.

Is Wearing Nail Polish All the Time Bad?

Wear polish too often, and you’ll start to see cracks in your nails. While naked nail beds may make us feel vulnerable, it’s essential to take breaks from time to time so they can breathe freely without being covered up with paint or hit by harsh chemicals constantly.

As a nail polish aficionado, you might have some old bottles lying around that are just plain too dried out to use.

Try these fun and easy ways to reuse your old nail polish instead of throwing them away or recycling them as they were intended.

You never know what kind of funky new design you’ll come up with next time an opportunity arises for some artsy-craftsy playtime with your old nail polish.

We hope this post has cleared your worries on how to dispose of old nail polish.

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