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Affiliate Disclosure

I’ve been blogging about sustainability for more than a year now. As someone who advocates for green living and wish to be part of those who want to save our planet, I care most about three things: integrity, openness, and integrity. Therefore, it’s my responsibility to ensure that I present a clear affiliate disclaimer for to comply with the applicable laws and regulations that govern what I do on this platform.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, all bloggers, including myself, have a mandate to let readers know how they make money from blogging for as long as they continue doing so. As of 2015, all bloggers must disclose the partnerships, sponsorships, or endorsements they receive, regardless of the category of content they publish. As a result, readers need to know whether bloggers make money by sharing links or recommending products.

In accordance with the guidelines provided by the FTC, it’s important to assume that some of the links found on are affiliate links. As a result, I may earn a commission from product recommendations made on the website.

What is an Affiliate Link?

A link that takes you to a product sold on popular stores such as Amazon is an affiliate link. 

Occasionally, I will use anchor text to recommend products by inserting such links. By clicking the links on my website and buying the products I recommend, I earn a commission. Ecommerce stores such as Amazon and Walmart pay me commissions for sending you to their store.

To clarify, the commission that I earn depends on the affiliate policy of these websites, and the customer’s actual price does not increase.

Please be aware that I do not participate in the recommendation of just any product because it has a higher rating on dealers’ websites or for its own sake. I recommend products that I strongly believe can be of great value to you, regardless of whether I’ll earn a commission or not. 

In terms of product recommendations to the readers of, I recommend the following:

  • I will always recommend products that I have personally used or researched thoroughly enough to consider them worthy of recommendation on this website.
  • Every post that appears on only features products that are relevant to the purpose of that post. This applies regardless of whether the site earns a commission or otherwise.
  • You’re free to contact me if you feel that one or a number of products recommended on is not a good fit for you or my audience at large. 

Types of Links on

The following are the types of affiliate links that you will find on

Amazon Affiliate Links is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites, as well as to other websites that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

Product Links 

I will occasionally include links to products sold outside of Amazon. As a form of compensation for directing you to those websites, I may receive a small commission on any sales made. Even in this case, the price of the product will not change if you purchase it through the affiliate links on this website. 

What You Need to Know With Respect to This Disclosure 

This blog does not receive freebies or coupons in return for a platform mention.

If this is the case, I make a point of mentioning that we received a product for review and, as a result, we don’t hold back our opinions on the pros and cons of that product. And just because we get a product to test doesn’t mean we’ll write a review about it on

Some of the products I recommend on this website have been tested by me. As a result, I am confident that you will find them as useful as I do. I will occasionally mention products that I haven’t seen and touched, or that I have seen but haven’t used. That’s because I either know someone who has used it or it has unbiased reviews from real buyers. 

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